Machine Learning Meets
Industry Expertise

Delivering prescriptive analytics for 24/7
revenue protection


Examining Your Revenue and
the Factors Behind It

oolo helps publisher ad and revenue teams
more rapidly, more thoroughly, and more
precisely make sense of their data.

Distinguishing correlation from
causation to reach better, more
actionable conclusions.

Monitor all relevant metrics & dimensions
Track their inter-relations through
Understand & explain how it all comes
together to impact revenue

Business Enablement
– powered by anomaly detection
― powered by deep context-awareness

A solution tailored to the needs of digital publishers, oolo combines industry, data, and
problem-solving expertise with machine learning.

oolo pulls in data from ad mediation, network, GAM, OMS, Google
Analytics, and real-time HB sources to form a simultaneously
holistic and granularly informed understanding of your revenue

In this first layer of processing, the story is extracted from the stats.
oolo categorizes and contextualizes your ad and revenue data
points — in view of their inter-relations, historical behavior,
seasonality, setup conventions, deal type mix, known or planned
human interventions, market factors, and much more.

Understanding the data implications of your business activities and
the business implications of your data activities, oolo models your
expected performance across hundreds of thousands of data
With a precise notion of what is expected — not just in terms of
individual metrics, but multi-variable ratios — oolo monitors your
inbound data looking for significant deviations from the expected
When an anomaly is detected, oolo calculates the bottom line
impact and automatically investigates its origins — serving an
actionable alert that includes associated costs, root cause insights,
an overview of other metrics affected, and suggested
A turnkey solution, oolo follows a 6-step process to monitor your operational datascape and deliver actionable problem detection and opportunity enablement.

Catch and patch more
revenue leaks more quickly

with 24/7 monitoring and holistic impact analysis