Machine Learning Meets Industry Expertise

Delivering round-the-clock prescriptive insights & revenue protection


Examining Your Revenue and the Factors Behind It

oolo helps publisher ad and revenue teams more rapidly, more thoroughly, and more precisely make sense of their data.
context-aware business anomaly detection
automated root cause investigation
context-aware business anomaly detection

Distinguishing correlation from causation

oolo delivers smart, context-aware data interpretations

Helping publishers draw faster, more precise conclusions and act to maximum effect
  • Advanced machine learning algorithms refined by expert category insights map your business datascape and all its factor inter-relations.
    Monitor all relevant metrics & dimensions
  • Quickly assess the impact of changes on revenue and performance trends.
    Track variable inter-relations through changes
  • Optimization enablement powered by superior insights.
    Understand & explain how it all comes together to impact revenue


Business Enablement

– powered by anomaly detection ― powered by deep context-awareness

A solution tailored to the needs of digital publishers, oolo combines industry, data, and problem-solving expertise with machine learning.

machine intelligence infused with business understanding

Data Connections

oolo pulls data from ad mediation, network, GAM, OMS, Google Analytics, and real-time HB sources to form a simultaneously holistic and granularly-informed understanding of your revenue ecosystem.

prescriptive analytics technology - publisher data connections
  • Setup
  • Tech
  • Ad Networks
  • User Behavior

Situational Intelligence

In this first layer of processing, the story is extracted from the stats. oolo categorizes and contextualizes ad and revenue data in view of historical behavior, seasonality, setup, metric inter-relations, channel mix, human interventions, market factors, and much more.

modeling seasonality and intervention factors in prescriptive AI
  • Seasonality
  • Market Factors
  • Human Intervention
  • Real World Events
  • Deal Type Mix


Understanding the data implications of your business activities and the business implications of your data activities, oolo models your expected performance across hundreds of thousands of data permutations.

predictive modeling powered by machine learned pattern recognition and relational mapping
  • Dimensional Factoring
  • Relational Mapping
  • ML Pattern Recognition
  • Data Predictions


With a precise notion of what is expected — in terms of individual metrics and multi-variable ratios — oolo monitors your inbound data looking for significant deviations from the expected baseline.

prescriptive analytics technology - automated deviation analysis
  • Live Data Monitoring
  • Relational Baselining
  • Deviation Analysis

Diagnostics and Business Insight

When an anomaly is detected, oolo calculates the bottom line impact and automatically investigates its origins — delivering actionable intelligence. Alerts include financial significance, root cause insights, a rundown of affected metrics, and suggested interventions.

prescriptive analytics technology for publisher monetization

Combining Human Expertise and AI

oolo catches every issue — without creating any false alarms

  • oolo runs on a core engine of machine learning anomaly detection infused with industry know-how. oolo leverages its deep system understanding of AdOps-adjacent data bahavior to identify patterns and pinpoints deviations in view of seasonality and human interventions.
    Deep category insights
  • See your data like never before with holistically cross-correlated metric analysis.
    Mapped metric relations
  • Users don't need to set thresholds or constantly refine system parameters. Combining prescriptive AI with an understanding of publisher workflows and business needs baked into the product, oolo comes ready to work.
    Purpose-specific algorithmic tuning


Technology to Ensure Ad Inventory Is Optimally Utilized & Generating Maximum Yield

A turnkey solution, oolo follows a 6-step process to monitor your operational datascape and deliver actionable problem detection and opportunity enablement.

  • Data access
  • Forecasting
  • Anomaly detection
  • Business validator
  • Root cause analyzer
  • Alerting & optimization
Before processessing can begin, oolo must aggregate and normalize diverse data feeds into a central stream and organized schema. This is accomplished with GAM access, mediation and OMS integrations, use of APIs, and with detailed data mapping. No technical integration is required on the user side.



oolo requires no client-side technical integration. All that’s needed is ad server and/or mediation access. This can be achieved via shared credentials or read-only permissions.

If desired, oolo can also be integrated to your Prebid module by adding a small (oolo-provided) script to the page.

Considering data correlations, setup changes, seasonality, and market influences as well as natural fluctuations and growth trends, oolo extrapolates future value expectation for all monitored metrics.



Training on the publisher's data — both current and past — oolo maps metric relations and models "healthy" behavior patterns.

This allows oolo's machine learning to forecast performance — setting precise value expectations for all metrics, expressed across all relevant dimensions.

oolo's anomaly detection covers the entire datascape with holistic context-awareness - translating mathematical anomalies into actionable business imperatives.



Comparing live data to predictions, oolo detects developing anomalies in real time.

Channeling data science insights through a business validation engine, oolo translates mathematical outputs into appreciable and measurable problems and opportunities to help publishres ensure that the issues of greatest consequence are given the highest priority.



Pairing oolo’s industry expertise with your business dependencies and operational logic, oolo automatically prices each anomaly to accurately reflect its revenue impact.

Detecting, inspecting, and explaining the issues that insidiously undermine monetization, oolo gives you the information you need to achieve the results you deserve.



Monitoring the issue from its earliest expression and through every permutation, oolo automatically tracks and analyzes associated factors to untangle the knot of cause and effect — finding that first domino, detailing how it fell, and explaining the chain of events that followed.

Delivering all the insights you need without any of the noise, oolo offers the market's most complete prescriptive analytics technology for ad revenue maximization



Role-based alerts are sent to the relevant person detailing the issue, its root cause, its cost, and the recommended action item

Optimization recommendations take into account:

  • Available controls
  • Anticipated impact/effectiveness
  • Time sensitivity
  • Stay on top of the latest news and analysis
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